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Business Modelling Cookbook
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Capital Budgeting

This is the first in a series of books covering aspects of modelling and finance using Code Blue as a means of expressing the techniques for each topic.

All the models can be automatically translated to Excel format making the book useful to anyone involved in modelling for capital budgeting.

Price: AUD50
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Trueblue Systems

Trueblue Systems is a software and systems development company with many hundreds of users in government, banks, mining companies, universities and corporations throughout Australia and the world. We produce:

  • Code Blue for business modelling
  • Blueprints for business intelligence applications
  • Property Development planning system
  • Business Modelling Cookbook - Recipes for Capital Budgeting

Code Blue is our core product and it is used in the production of the Blueprints for business intelligence applications.

The blueprint approach provides small to mid range enterprises with the competitive advantage to be gained from good business intelligence systems. Something previously only within the reach of larger organisations.

Develop your own fully customisable solutions with all the power and promise of the packaged approach.

Deal directly with the developer for great confidence in your solutions and an extremely high level of support.